PDMT Student Loan

Partnership with PeopleJOY

The Pastoral Development Ministry Team provides the student loan debt expertise of PeopleJoy at no cost to help you achieve financial wellness & joy.

Are you ready for federal student loan payments to resume in October 2023?  Federal student loans have been paused since March 13, 2020 due to COVID forbearance and now those loans return to repayment status in October.  Will your October 2023 loan payment count towards Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)?

Who is PeopleJoy?

A financial services firm with a heart for helping others with their burden of student loans that has helped 323 borrowers receive $22.2M+ in loan forgiveness on federal loans in the first 8+ months of 2023. More specifically, PeopleJoy has helped four CP ministers receive over $126,000 in loan forgiveness in 2023, and another 20 ministers projected to receive over $1,011,412 in the coming 10 years!

How can I learn more?

Register HERE for the next Student Loan 101 webinar for CP ministers and full-time employees of a CP church on Thursday, September 21tst at 2:00 PM CT.  Questions will be answered live during the webinar.  Everyone registering for the webinar will receive a link to the webinar recording on September 22nd

How do I get started with PeopleJoy?

To see if PeopleJoy can assist you with your student loans, invest less than 10 minutes of time and visit cumberland.peoplejoy.com.  Click “Start new Assessment” and complete the required fields.


Do Not Wait!

  • There are programs available now providing opportunities with a critical 12/31/2023 deadline approaching related to direct consolidation of FFEL and Parent Plus loans as well as IDR plan requests.
  • Fresh Start is a program available for a limited time for borrowers with federal loans in default which allows a tremendous opportunity to get back on a path to loan forgiveness.
  • PeopleJoy offers Spare Change Round-Up, an electronic coin jar to pay off loans faster & painlessly, for borrowers with private loans (i.e. SoFi, LendTree, FirstMark Services).
  • Invest in your financial wellness today to secure a better future for you and your loved ones.


Will YOU Be Next?

Remember, the services of PeopleJoy are FREE! Complete the loan assessment today to see if you can be the next borrower to experience the JOY that others have with the assistance of PeopleJoy!