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Safe Sanctuary

This page is filled with helpful information to create a safe space for you and everyone in your church. Below you’ll find background check solutions for your staff and volunteers, training opportunities for you, your church, event, or presbytery, and info on books and literature to help you form your own Safe Sanctuary policy.

Background Checks

SafeMinistry Solutions is proud to partner with Cumberland Presbyterian Churches. This partnership will allow Cumberland churches to receive industry leading background checks at a set negotiated price to make onboarding a simple process.

The Learning Zone hosted by SafeMinistry Solutions are online abuse training courses hosted by national experts who specialize in child abuse prevention. The main focus is to train your organization’s staff to prevent child abuse from ever happening.

Within this training package, there are two courses available: a staff/high level volunteer course and a volunteer course. The staff/high level volunteer training is made up of both videos and podcasts containing about 2.5 hours of content. The volunteer course is video-based and contains about 1 hour of content. The courses are all mobile friendly and the videos are 7-10 minutes in length, while the podcasts are about 25 minutes in length. Within the courses, there are quizzes built to test for retention.

The cost of this training is $100 per church or a free perk if you sign up to use SafeMinistry Solutions as your background screening service paid for by the Discipleship Ministry Team of the CPC.

New Books to help you create a safe sanctuary. Click on the picture to find out more

The Child Safeguarding Policy for Churches and Ministries

Protecting Children from Abuse in the Church

Caring for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

What the Bible Says to Abuse Survivors and Those Who Hurt Them

The Spiritual Impact of Sexual Abuse

Safe Sanctuary deals with the need to create a safe environment for all people who walk through the doors of your church and participate in the activities and events associated with your church.

Would your congregation or presbytery be prepared if a tornado hit during an event or if someone suffered a life threatening injury during an event? Helpful resources and policy checklists will be shared to assist you and your congregation in establishing a Safe Sanctuary policy for your church. We can also cater our training to fit what you need for your church, event, etc. Click on the picture to find out more.

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