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Jesus in Matthew: The Kingdom of Heaven begins with two Old Testament lessons that foreshadow God’s plan of redemption in Jesus Christ. We then follow the life and teachings of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew, which presents Jesus from birth as the foretold King of the Jews.

In this quarter, we study Jesus’s teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven’s values and ethics. The quarter ends with Jesus preparing for the cross. We learn that the Kingdom of Heaven is not characterized by exercising power, but by humility and submission to God.

Each lesson is introduced with a discussion question. Then we follow the prescribed method of study of our Confession of Faith.

The lessons model our Confession of Faith 1.07:

In order to understand God’s word spoken and through the scriptures, persons must have the illumination of God’s own Spirit. Moreover, they should study the writings of the Bible in their historical settings, compare scripture with scripture, listen to the witness of the church throughout the centuries, and share insights with others in the covenant community.

The Encounter study revolves around these principles of scriptural study:

1. Introduction to the lesson
2. Exploring the Scripture: Historical Setting
3. Digging Deeper: Comparing Scripture with Scripture
4. Learning from the Scripture: Listening to the Witness of the Church
5. Applying the Scripture: Sharing Insights in the Covenant Community

Our goal is to provide Biblical context and content for the Christian education of our churches.

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