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Evangelism & New Church Development
Evangelism & New Church Development

Rev. T. J. Malinoski at (901) 276-4572 ext. 232 or e-mail

Cumberland Presbyterian Center – 8207 Traditional Place, Cordova, TN 38016


Sharing our faith in Jesus Christ by connecting and building relationships and expressing the love commandment with all peoples.

  • Evangelism Consultation & Workshops. Assisting presbyterial boards of missions to develop, implement, and monitor mission designs. Evangelism consultation with congregations and all judicatories. – Flyer
  • Cumberland Road Podcast. It is a conversation style podcast that explores guest’s inspiring faith journey with God and how that impacts their daily life, interactions with others and their vocation. –
  • Youth Evangelism Conference. The Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC) is a joint ministry of Missions Ministry Team and Discipleship Ministry Team designed help youth and adult leaders learn about and practice evangelism. – Link


There are two ways to promote diverse and innovative methods to start new groups: worshiping communities and new church developments. They both exist to glorify God and provide spaces for people to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, celebrate the sacraments, read and hear the scriptures, pray, sing, fellowship, and commit one’s life and resources to God.

A new worshiping community or new church development may be initiated by an individual, an existing congregation, a presbytery, or the Missions Ministry Team.


We worship out a sense of need. We are not sufficient unto ourselves, and we experience a sense of completeness and fulfillment through the encounter with and worship of our Creator. To worship is to be fully human. A worshiping community creates a space where people can come to know Jesus Christ and have a community to worship and grow with. Worshiping Community Resources:

    • Worshiping Community Presentation WebinarVideo
    • The possibilities are infinite: Worshiping Community WebinarVideo
    • General Overview Of A Worshiping Community
      • Pioneering Cumberland Presbyterians – Article
      • Relax A Bit And Find Joy In Creating Community – Article
    • Theological Background For A Worshiping Community
      • Theological Underpinnings For Pioneering Worshiping Communities – Article
      • A Worshiping Community In Cornelius’ Home – Article
    • Highlighting Some Of Our Worshiping Communities
      • El Grupo – Article
      • A New Church Start in Middle Tennessee – Article
      • A Dream Came True – Article
      • The Community Table – Article
      • Encounter Worshiping Community At Talbott – Article
    • Tidbits & Related Material
      • This Old Couch – Article
      • Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Re-imagining Evangelism – Article
      • 20/20 in 2020 – Article
      • Mission Opportunities Through Relational Connections – Article
      • How Does One Make a Profession Of Faith & Become A Member Of A Church? – Article
    • Surveys and Tests
      • Free Personality Test. Please keep in mind that this is just one out of many resources available. There is no way we can identify our personality through a test. The intention is to start the conversation about our personalities and how we can be God´s instruments to start a worshiping community. Please click the link to access the test. – Link
      • Free Motivational Gift Survey. We are very familiar with our spiritual gifts, right? have you asked yourself about your motivational gifts? here is a free tool to use. Please click the link to access it. – Link
      • Free Culture Test. If you are thinking of starting a cross cultural, multicultural worshiping community, this tool might help you to start a conversation about different cultural value systems. Please click the link to access it. – Link


A New Church Development (NCD) is in partnership with a presbytery with the intention of creating an organized Cumberland Presbyterian congregationNew Church Development Resources:

  • Fellowship Steering Committee Guidelines – PDF
  • Top 10 Things We’ve Learned in NCD
  • NCD Process When Using a Former Group – PDF
  • Characteristics of Organic NCD – PDF
  • Questions for Church Planting Sponsors – PDF
  • Guidelines for NCD Task Force – PDF
  • Preliminary Mission Design Outline – PDF
  • Mission Probe Action Plan – Sample


The Builders Fellowship for New Church Development is a member-based funding mechanism created to pray and financially help new churches in the United States. You can become a member of The Builders Fellowship by filling out the fellowship covenant.  Missions Ministry Team makes two calls a year, April, and August, to provide updates on new groups, their ministries and outreach.

Your congregation can also participate collecting an Offering on Palm Sunday or any appropriate time in the church year. The Offering is an opportunity for those that are not members of The Builders Fellowship to participate financially in the new church development movement.

For more information you may contact Rev. T. J. Malinoski at (901) 276-4572 ext. 232 or e-mail.