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Tag: Stewardship

Forgiveness is Freedom

This is the last Stewards in Action blog. We thank you for being with us on this journey. Check out the Good News Generosity blog

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Born of Understanding

Reflect What a curious situation to find yourself in if you are Joseph. You’re a slave, sitting in a dungeon in chains. One day you

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Reflect In one of the most familiar stories in the Old Testament, the story of Joseph and his brothers, we see what happens when a

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Forgiveness is Not Earned

Reflect When the time comes for Jacob to return to his homeland, he is understandably nervous about it. After all, he swindled his brother twice

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Thank God

Reflect Jacob pushed his luck too far with Esau by stealing not only his brother’s birthright but his father’s blessing as well. With Esau bent

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Biblical Drama

Reflect What a soap opera Genesis 25-27 is: jealousy, manipulation, and deceit. A story of two brothers driven by desire. One is more concerned with

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Being Faithful is Hard

Reflect Put yourself in Abraham’s place. God has just asked you to sacrifice the most precious thing in the world—your child, your marriage, your health,

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Making Promises

Reflect The story of the birth of Abraham and Sarah’s son, Isaac, should give us encouragement when we feel that our petitions to God are

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Hearing the Call

  Reflect Abraham and Sarah’s story is quite extraordinary, for in it, God calls two people considered well past their prime to do things that

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