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Nashville School Shooting: Help Children Dealing with Questions about Tragedy

Originally posed by Jodi Rush, Coordinator of Children and Family Ministry for the Discipleship Ministry Team of the Ministry Council of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Hello friends,

There was a horrific school shooting in Nashville today (March 27, 2023) in which three children and three adults were killed. Unfortunately, this has happened in too many communities. Below is a list of articles that give information about how to talk with children in the wake of this tragedy. From what I am hearing today it is very important to talk with children and let children talk to you about what they are hearing and feeling about the school shooting. I will continue to collect information and share if I find anything that might be helpful. Please share with others if you think the information could be helpful.

My prayers are for the families that are heartbroken for their loved one who is not coming home today.

My prayers are for all families in the community who are hurting and heartbroken for their children.

My prayers are for the families that have to talk with their children about topics that will steal the innocence of their childhood.

My prayers are for teachers and school administrators in all schools who wonder and worry and prepare for the worst while also teaching math, science, English, and PE.

My prayers are with all of the helpers out there….we need them all.

Let us take care of one another!

God’s peace,

Jodi Rush


Helping Kids Cope With Frightening News – Child Mind Institute

Helping Children Cope With Trauma (

Explaining Gun Violence | Real Kids Real Faith

Resources to Help Children in the Wake of a School Shooting – Child Trends – ChildTrends

A Teacher’s Role in Dealing with Tragedy | Traumatic Events | Child Mind Institute

The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld | Goodreads

Multilingual Trauma Resources – Child Mind Institute

Matthew Gore

Matthew Gore

Matthew H. Gore is a British journalist, historian, popular culturist, archivist, and educator residing in Memphis, Tennessee. He is the immediate past-president of the Society of Tennessee Archivists and is best known for his book The History of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Kentucky to 1988 (2000). He has also published on a variety of topics as diverse as The Origin of Marvelman (a British superhero of the 1950s and 1960s), the relative scarcity of East German philatelics, and the biography of British pulp artist, Denis McLoughlin. He is employed by the Ministry Council of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at the Cumberland Presbyterian Center in Memphis, Tennessee, as editor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Magazine and as publications manager. He has been associated with both Western Kentucky University, which honored him with their James H. Poteet Award, and the University of Kentucky. He also serves as editor for all Boardman Books (Memphis, Tennessee) publications.
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