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Builders Fellowship

Builders Fellowship Call – Fall 2021
Agape Cumberland Presbyterian New Church Development
El Paso,Texas- Presbytery del Cristo

The Agape Cumberland Presbyterian new church development is a bilingual English-Spanish ministry located in El Paso, Texas. As this outreach took shape, there was a time the individuals who formed this church family met in the home of Pastors Freddy and Lyvia Rincon. Through their guidance and leadership, they and their faithful congregants became designated as a new church development of Presbytery del Cristo. They eventually moved into the current church facility of the former First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of El Paso, Texas.

This mission outreach adopted the name Agape C.P. Church in 2016. Presbytery del Cristo recently took action supporting Agape’s move from a new church development to being organized as a Cumberland Presbyterian congregation in an “Agape Is Love” Valentine’s organization service for February 13, 2022.

Agape has different ministries for children, youth, and adults. They have a worship service on Sunday morning and weekday activities such as Bible studies and prayer times. There is no doubt, the church facilities have been a blessing for the ministry and the surrounding community, however, in the last years serious roof damage has created a real problem for Agape as a new church development, and the cost of replacement is estimated at $38,000.00. Although Agape´s monetary resources are quite limited at times, their faith is limitless! They are a church family who have experienced God’s miraculous provision repeatedly over the years as a new church development of Presbytery del Cristo. They have great faith in a great God who can and will provide what is needed for the replacement of their problematic roof so that there will be no further damage to their beloved church building which is their church home.

The Fall 2021 Builders Fellowship Call is to assist Agape with a total roof replacement before they become an organized Cumberland Presbyterian congregation on February 13, 2022. Your contribution of $50, or any amount you are led to share, will be a great blessing! All proceeds from this Builders Fellowship Call will go toward the cost of a roof replacement. Thank you for prayerfully and willingly responding to this need!

Builders Fellowship checks should be made out to, and sent to:

Missions Ministry Team, 8207 Traditional Place, Cordova, TN 38016

Please note on the check that the gift is for Builders Fellowship. Thank you!

“Look sharp now!
God has chosen you to build His holy house.
Be brave, determined! And do it!”
1 Chronicles 28:10 (The Message)

What is Builders Fellowship?

It is a program sponsored by the Missions Ministry Team to generate financial support for new church building projects from participating Cumberland Presbyterians.  The Builders Fellowship program has been a vital part of the Cumberland Presbyterian expansion over the past decades.

Who is Builders Fellowship for?

Builders Fellowship is designed to assist new churches with its first building.  It is available to all Cumberland Presbyterians.

To learn more about BF, please click on this link: PDF Brochure