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How teens talk about body image, beauty and bullying around the world

If you don’t know, you should know, about TED. TED is a nonprofit designed to share innovative, uplifiting, challenging ideas. As they say, “devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.” TED is awesome!

Well you might know about TED, but did you know about TED-Ed?

I discovered this a couple of days ago and it’s awesome! TED-Ed is TED for teens. It’s not just for teens but it’s by teens!

Thousands of teens all over the world are starting TED-Ed clubs. These clubs are for designed for students from 8-18 years old to share and develop big ideas dreamed up by students all over the world.

It’s awesome!

Recently, I came across a blog through TED-Ed that had three teens from TED-Ed clubs talking about body image, beauty and bullying. Three major issues in teen culture. These three presentations are amazing. You may find these helpful as you think about trying to care for teens who are struggling with these issues. You can check out the three presentations by going to this link or check them out below.

Nathan Wheeler

Nathan Wheeler

Coordinator of youth and young adult ministries
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