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Abraham and Sarah’s story is quite extraordinary, for in it, God calls two people considered well past their prime to do things that people their age simply didn’t do: move to another country and start a family. But their faith in God’s plan for their lives helped them carry out God’s wishes in the face of almost certain disaster. Sometimes we feel inadequate to handle the tasks for which God calls us. We’re in good company on this point: Moses at first questioned God’s invitation to lead because of his speaking impediment. But God had great things in store for Moses, as well as for Abraham and Sarah.

Imagine how much we could accomplish if we weren’t so busy telling God, ourselves, and others, “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not talented enough” or “I’m not (whatever we think we must be in order to be of service).” We must let God be the judge of our strengths and weaknesses and let God lead us down the paths that, while they may not be of our own choosing, will certainly lead to wonderful things.

God’s call is not a phenomenon confined to biblical times. God has called people throughout the ages to make the changes in their lives necessary for working on God’s behalf. And God has plans for us all, if we but ask, “What would you have me do?” and then listen for the response.

—Carol Penn-Romine


  1. What would have happened if Abraham and Sarah had dismissed God’s call as nonsense? What if Moses had refused God’s call to leadership?
  2. Can you name anyone in your church or community who takes God’s call seriously? How can you draw inspiration from their good work?
  3. How has God called you in the past, and what have you done in response?


  1. Take some time to explore the call you think God may be issuing to you. Set aside some time each night before bedtime (or whenever is best for you) for special prayer regarding God’s call. You don’t have to do all the talking—just open yourself up to what God has to say, and see what transpires. Begin with something like this: “Dear God, I thank you for the opportunities you have given me to serve. Tell me what your next task is for me, and give me the strength and courage to see it through.”
  2. Take a call inventory periodically, perhaps once a month. Mark Hebrews 11:8-12 in your Bible, and read it from time to time asking yourself if you sense any direction you think God may be urging you to go.
  3. As the opportunity arises, talk with others in your community of faith about God’s call. Ask for their support as you work to answer the call, and offer your support to others as they do the same.

Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash

Elinor Brown

Elinor Brown

Elinor Brown is the team leader for the Discipleship Ministry Team and an ordained minister with membership in West Tennessee Presbytery. She and husband, Mark, have a married daughter, son-in-law and a newborn grandchild named Evelyn. Elinor enjoys making things—from labyrinths to prayer shawls to clergy stoles and holding Evelyn.
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