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Every person deserves an opportunity to grow, learn and thrive.

For 116 years, the Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home has been at the forefront of supporting children and families who need it most.

Our aim is to ensure that victims of trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, family violence or poverty have the resources and support they need to lead healthy, productive lives.The demand for our services is at an all-time high.

Over 440,000 children nationwide are not able to live with their families as the result of the trauma, abuse, neglect and abandonment. The needs of these children are greater than public funding are able to provide. We specialize in serving adolescents, who are statistically five times as likely to age out of foster care without being adopted than younger children.

Our residential program for single parents is designed to support employed individuals who are one major, unforeseen expense from financial disaster. The Pew Research Center recently reported that they believe 83 percent of single parents have experienced job loss or employment reductions as a result of COVID-19.

You can help. Your gift of $100 provides a day of care for our residents in foster care or offers essential support to moms who are parenting their families alone during this unprecedented time.

Matthew Gore

Matthew Gore

Matthew H. Gore is a British journalist, historian, popular culturist, archivist, and educator residing in Memphis, Tennessee. He is the immediate past-president of the Society of Tennessee Archivists and is best known for his book The History of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Kentucky to 1988 (2000). He has also published on a variety of topics as diverse as The Origin of Marvelman (a British superhero of the 1950s and 1960s), the relative scarcity of East German philatelics, and the biography of British pulp artist, Denis McLoughlin. He is employed by the Ministry Council of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at the Cumberland Presbyterian Center in Memphis, Tennessee, as editor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Magazine and as publications manager. He has been associated with both Western Kentucky University, which honored him with their James H. Poteet Award, and the University of Kentucky. He also serves as editor for all Boardman Books (Memphis, Tennessee) publications.
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