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CPYC 2024

July 7-12

Bethel University



CPYC 2025

July 6-11

Bethel University

Welcome all CPYC Alumni!!!

For almost 100 years CPYC (formally YPGA/NACPYF) has gathered young people in the CPC & CPCA to deepen their faith in Jesus Christ, love for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and create a space for Faith, Fun, and Fellowship.

We are excited to formally begin our CPYC Alumni Association that we hope will continue deepening the roots that were established by our connections and love of CPYC and for the sustainability of CPYC long into the future.

The membership into the Alumni Association will not only provide funding that will go towards the future of CPYC but also towards building our CPYC Alumni. We hope that in future years we will be able to host CPYC Alumni events including a 100 year celebration in 2023, a table top book on the history of CPYC, creating a CPYC Alumni mentoring program and more. We will also be creating exclusive CPYC Alumni merchandise including a free gift for your membership into the CPYC Alumni Association. Click picture to check out our Alumni page and to register as a member.

Arriving at CPYC 2024


Registration will begin at 2PM on Sunday, July 7. All youth and adult participants should plan to be at Bethel between 2PM-4PM. When you arrive, please check-in at the Vera Low Student Enrichment Center. If you know you will be later than 4PM please let us know so we can plan accordingly.


CPYC Payment


We ask that all youth and adult participants pay their registration fee in full by arrival at Bethel University on Sunday, July 7 unless other arrangements have been made with the director. You are responsible for your own travel costs and arrangements to CPYC.




An offering will be received during CPYC. This offering will go to the CPYC Endowment Fund. This endowment helps pay for future CPYCs and scholarships for those who need them.


CPYC Canteen

All meals will be provided during the week, but we typically have a canteen during the evenings in the Wildcat Grill and there is a Chick-fil-A on campus where folks can buy food/drinks in the afternoon if desired.  Canteen purchases are the responsibility of individuals and are not provided by the conference.


What to Pack for CPYC 2024

Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, flashlight, towels, wash cloths, soap, deodorant, and other toiletry items/articles, pillow w/case, sheets for an XL-twin bed, blanket, insect repellant, gold bond, sunscreen.

Optional items: musical instrument, camera, eno, fan, some money for offering, canteen, Bethel and CPYC merchandise. Bring comfortable clothes for the outdoors and more than one pair of shoes.

 Activities include sports, non-sports games, etc. A jacket or sweatshirt may be needed or desired at times.

On Thursday evening we will have our special evening dinner. Students may choose to dress up for our catered dinner, but you are welcome to come as you are. “Dress up” can be interpreted however the participant chooses while still following the participant guideline.


What NOT to Bring


Alcohol, drugs (unless prescribed to you), cigarettes/e-cigarettes/vape, fireworks, weapons (including pocketknives), pornography, hover boards, raunchy games (like cards against humanity) and anything else that you know will violate our community guidelines or Safe Sanctuary policy. If a violation occurs the consequences may include a participant being sent home at the expense of a parent/guardian.


Community Covenant/Safe Sanctuary


All adult staff and adult participants will undergo a background check and abide by our safe sanctuary policy. Every person at CPYC, staff and participants, have agreed to abide by our community guidelines. These are attached to this email and on our website. Matters of violation will be handled at the discretion of the director of CPYC.


Food and other allergies

These should be indicated during the registration process. If you have any additional information, please let us know as soon as possible including if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions such as: peanut, dairy, shellfish allergy or if you are gluten free or vegetarian.


Medical/Media Release Form

Every person attending CPYC 2024 including staff and all participants will need to complete the online medical/media release form. Those forms can be found in the registration portal.




You are encouraged to ride with your congregation or carpool. Upon arrival, all cars will be parked behind Heritage Hall or at Vera Low Center for the duration of the conference.



Staff and adult participants will be given CPYC Emergency Plan and instructed on ways to respond if an emergency should arise.

Note to Parents: Please, DO NOT contact your child in the event of a family emergency. We ask you to contact the director of CPYC, Samantha Hassell, prior to contacting your child. If bad or troubling news needs to be delivered, an adult should be present.




Unauthorized visitors are NOT permitted during the conference. Persons who come to Bethel University on Friday, for pick-up, should not arrive before 11:30AM.

Cumberland Presbyterian Youth Conference 2023 Covenant Guidelines for Community Life

Cumberland Presbyterian Youth Conference 2024 Covenant Guidelines for Community Life

This week we will be living together as a family in Christian community. Family life is based on love, respect, trust, support, and spending time together which creates a warm and caring atmosphere. Each of us as a member of the family is very important. In order to help create this atmosphere, please read, abide by, and respect these guidelines.

1) We are to participate in all regularly scheduled conference activities, including arriving between 2PM-4PM on Sunday, July 7th and staying through the conclusion of the conference at noon on Friday, July 12th.

2) As guests of Bethel University, we are to be good stewards of the conference site and facilities, refraining from littering and writing graffiti. Furniture and property should be used only for its intended use. Individuals are responsible for costs of any damage they cause to Bethel property.

3) Persons who bring vehicles to Bethel should park them and NOT use them until the end of the conference. All vehicles must be parked behind Heritage Hall or in the lot between Vera Low and University Hall.

4) Persons are responsible for their own personal property and should keep valuables in a safe and secure place. If desired, valuables may be entrusted to the Conference Director for safekeeping until the end of the event.

5) The YOUTH PLANNING COUNCIL has determined that persons need at least seven hours of rest each day in order to function at their best. Curfew will be at 11PM for persons to go to the dorm. Suite meetings will begin no later than 11:30PM and run for a maximum of 30 minutes. All lights are to be out by 12:00AM. We are to respect other persons’ right to rest by being quiet in his/her own bedroom during late evening and early morning hours. Wake-up time is 7:30AM.

6) Many of us enjoy music and may have brought electronics with us. Please keep these in your bedroom and play them at a volume and time which will not interfere with others’ right to reasonable quietness.

7) A QUIET TIME is scheduled immediately following each worship. We are to refrain from talking or other disturbances during this time of meditation and prayer. We are also to respect the rights of others to hear a speaker or presentation by not talking, especially during total group meeting times.

8) The possession and/or use of tobacco including vapes, illegal drugs, alcohol, or the abuse of prescription drugs is not permitted at any time during CPYC. Any violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions which may include being sent home at the expense of the participant.

9) We ask everyone coming to CPYC to not bring weapons, fireworks, knives, or anything else that might bring harm to self or others.

10) For safety purposes, persons should stay in lighted areas at night. Everyone should bring a flashlight and travel with at least one other person.

11) CPYC includes a full schedule of activities. It is essential for all of us to be on time for scheduled activities, especially mealtimes.

12) At CPYC we will be following a set of rules that are for the health and safety of the whole community. These rules will be detailed in participant medical forms and communicated on site. Other rules and community living standards will be shared before and during CPYC.


Each of these standards are our abiding oath to one another during the week of CPYC. Abiding by this covenant will ensure we create the loving environment that honors God’s design for the world.

Cost for participant registration:

Early bird participant registration: $350 (before May 31st)

Late participant registration: $400 (after May 31st)

Special Adult participant registration: $150 *one adult participant per attending church

COVID-19 Information for CPYC 2023.

Please read information below regarding CPYC 2023 and Covid-19 prior to registering for CPYC 2023.

I understand that there are unique risks associated with participation at CPYC 2023 due to the COVID-19. I understand that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) states that the best way to prevent COVID-19 is to avoid being exposed to the coronavirus. I acknowledge that the virus is thought to spread from person-to-person, between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet) through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. I also acknowledge that the CDC states that recent studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms.

I further understand that there may be risks associated with CPYC 2023 and related activities. These risks include, but are not limited to, contracting COVID-19, exposure to individuals who have contracted COVID-19, and being required to self-isolate away from other CPYC participants, Trip Leaders, and staff. I understand that the CDC states that contracting COVID-19 may lead to severe illness or death. I assume any and all risks, whether known or unknown, related to participation in the CPYC and related activities.

I further agree by registering for CPYC 2023 I will follow all guidelines related to COVID-19 provided by CPYC. At this time the CPYC director and critical response team are monitoring coronavirus situation and will have additional updates if needed.

CPYC encourages all participants (adults and students) to be vaccinated for Covid-19 prior to attending this summer.

CPYC Participant Info & Packing List


See tab above for lots of CPYC Participant info and & packing list. For any additional questions contact Samantha Hassell,

Who can come to CPYC 2024?


CPYC invites students who have completed the 8th-12th grades (rising 9th graders-this year’s high school graduates) and adult participants each year to the campus of Bethel University for a time of Faith, Fellowship, and Fun.

Registration Info

Registration will be open in early April!

Cost for participant registration:

Early bird participant registration: $350 (before May 31st)

Late participant registration: $400 (after May 31st)

Special Adult participant registration: $150 *one adult participant per attending church

CPYC Staff Invites

Every year CPYC invites adults to join alongside the YMPC to help staff CPYC. The process begins in the Fall of previous CPYC year and ends with finalizing staff in the spring of the year of the upcoming CPYC. This schedule looks like:

November & December

Compile names from DMT Staff, YMPC, and past volunteers for CPYC staff


Invite staff


Finalize staff


Every year we try to invite not only people who have served in the past but also leave room for new staff members to join us. With that means there are times that long time CPYC staff or newer staff may not be invited to be staff that year. We hope that adults who want to join but aren’t invited as staff that summer will consider helping their local church by being a chaperone/volunteer or be an adult participant for that summer. If you have any questions about this process or would like to be considered to be staff for CPYC contact Samantha Hassell

The CPYC One Day Experience