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The Cumberland Presbyterian Magazine
The Cumberland Presbyterian Magazine: Informing and entertaining Cumberland Presbyterians since 1829!

The Cumberland Presbyterian is the publication of record for the judicatories of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination. Published monthly, except November, the Cumberland Presbyterian brings readers news and informative features from across the denomination.

We are called to disseminate the news of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, to promote its faith, programs, and activities, and to provide opportunities for fair and open discussion of theological and denominational issues.

We post news to Facebook on a daily basis. . .and it’s free!

Subscription rates vary, however, basic rates are: $28 for one year, or $51 for two years of the print edition.

We now also offer a one-year digital subscription for $18 or an add-on to a print subscription for $10

We also offer first class, bulk, group, and promotional rates. You can sell subscriptions and keep part of the money to fund any of your ministries. You can have bulk copies of the magazine shipped directly to your church as soon as they roll off the press! You can subscribe by first class mail and be among the first to read each issue!

Research shows the typical subscription copy of the Cumberland Presbyterian reaches 4.2 readers. Our readers tend to have a lifelong, even generational, devotion to the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination. They also tend to be relatively affluent. We can help reach thousands of engaged Cumberland Presbyterian readers for as little as $19 per month!

If you have questions about the magazine, subscriptions, circulation, or more information, please contact Editor Matthew H. Gore:

Editor, The Cumberland Presbyterian
8207 Traditional Place
Cordova, TN 38016.7414

You may call Matt at 901.276.4572 x221 or just send him an email.

Additionally, you may contact the Communications Ministry Team Leader,
Steven Shelton at 901.276.4572 x216 or email him.

We post news to Facebook on a daily basis. . .and it’s free!