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How do you decide what to do with your money? This is the question that the youtube video introducing the ministry called COMPASS: Navigating Faith and Finances, developed by the Ecumenical Stewardship Center of which we as Cumberland Presbyterians are a denominational partner, asks its viewers. The goal of COMPASS is to engage young adults in conversations about faith and finance by providing resources that are relational, informational and practical.

COMPASS is composed of four elements. The first element is the website itself. The homepage is filled with relevant resources that help crack open the topic of finances in a relational way. It shares everything from blogs and chats about finances to workshops, online courses, book suggestions, video series and more. (

The second element is a Facebook community that offers a space to ask questions and start conversations. One can post particular concerns related to faith and finances to give tips of what has worked for you. (Compass: Navigating Faith & Finances)

The third element is a blog that is written weekly and delves more deeply into the questions of faith and finances. These posts, written by young adults and leaders in the field of stewardship, help readers gain new and deeper insights into the often chaotic world. Topics like staying financially fit, conquering your debt, finding your enough, celebrating happier holidays by getting off the consumer escalator, generosity and more help readers connect their everyday encounters with money and possessions to what their faith calls them to do and be. (

The fourth element is live chats that provide real-time opportunities for interaction between young adults and stewardship and generosity thought leaders on a variety of topics. ( Check the website periodically for the next live chat time and subject. You can view these recorded live chats any time on the Ecumenical Stewardship Center’s youtube channel (

COMPASS is a concept with four simple elements that address the “anything but…” simple concept of faith and finances. With these four elements young adults, who may have incurred lots of college debt, can make a change to better their financial situation. Check it out and maybe you will begin answering the question “How do you decide what do to with your money?”

Elinor Brown

Elinor Brown

Elinor Brown is the team leader for the Discipleship Ministry Team and an ordained minister with membership in West Tennessee Presbytery. She and husband, Mark, have a married daughter, son-in-law and a newborn grandchild named Evelyn. Elinor enjoys making things—from labyrinths to prayer shawls to clergy stoles and holding Evelyn.
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