2023 Christian Education Season

Light the Path

2023 Christian Education Season: Light the Path

Celebrate Christian Education Season this year in a shiny new way! Coming soon is the 2023 “Light the Path” Kick-off Sunday and CE Season Resources.

Christian Education Season Kick-off Pack Now Available! DMT has produced a pack for the CE Season Kick-off for churches. CE Season is from August 1-September 30. The 2023 Christian Education Season theme is Light the Path! The pack includes:

An Introduction and Purpose of the Christian Education Season 
Theme, Planning, and Schedule 
General Celebration Suggestions
Excitement Builders
Kick-off Sunday 
– Meals and Preparation 
– Activities 
– Worship Helps 
– Decoration Ideas 
– Social Media Helps 

Focus Ideas for Following Sundays 
Christian Education Season offering ideas 

Click here to get your resources for free. Or you can receive your pack electronically (free) or a hard copy by paying a small shipping and handling fee. Contact Elinor at esb@cumberland.org now, so you can start planning.
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